Night Time House Safari

For the photo safari I decided to do it in my bedroom since there are a lot of knick knacks lying around so I would have a lot of options. I also enlisted my boyfriends help in completing this activity because I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do together and he could also help me set up and take the pictures. I completed all of the photos except for “represents a metaphor or complexity” since it was at the bottom of the list and required more imagination than the others. The hardest one for me to do was the “two things that don’t belong together” because I was trying to place my cat and dog next to each other without them running away so this took up the most time. My favorite picture is my abstract image which is a photograph of my white dreamcatcher in front of a bright light. I also liked how the unusual angle image turned out with most of the photograph being darkness and then the lamp goes up into the only source of light. Overall I had a fun experience doing this assignment. The only thing I would do differently is to do it during the day instead of at night so that the lighting would have been better and I could use the outdoors for pictures.

Hey~ and Social Media Links

Hey everybody! I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington where I am double majoring in Geography & Communication and Digital Studies while working towards my GIS Certificate.

Here are some links to my social media pages.

I have never actually used Flickr prior to this class so here is a picture of me and my friends from Devil Goat Day 2015:
UMW Group Photo

Again, I’m not very familiar with Soundcloud but here is the profile I made anyway (featuring my funny face):

Many years ago I used Twitter (like middle school) but abandoned my old account long ago so I made a fresh new one for this class:

My Youtube account is my baby. Instead of watching TV I usually watch YouTube videos (or Netflix). I’m a really big fan of the beauty and gaming communities on YouTube. I also have uploaded multiple school projects here so here’s a link to a funny video I did with my friends in the Fall of 2015: