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Digital Identity Analysis 2, Entry #12

At the end of this semester I still think that my digital footprint is relatively small. While I do have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. accounts and now a website I post very little on social media.  I use my real name for social media but under a screen name for Reddit and gaming accounts such as League of Legends. I find this works the best since I still interact with people I know in real life on these sites and ones where I do not have my real name is because my real name wouldn’t sound cool or I don’t want to be recognized.

When I googled myself at the beginning of this semester the first few pages showed my Facebook and one of my YouTube videos but the rest of the links were to other people who usually had my first name as their middle name and then the same last name. When I googled myself again in April 4 of the pictures on the first page of Google Images were of me and were more specifically from my website. Now I also see my website on the first page of Google results along with my social media and YouTube. I think creating this website has given me a stronger Internet presence in terms of more Google results and building up a place for future employers to look at.

I’ve also started thinking recently how I want my persona to be perceived online especially while I have been editing my final website. Do I want it to be completely professional or do I want it to show my fun side? I’m trying to find a way to equally express both my serious and lighthearted sides without one overtaking the other.

Module 3 Part 2, Entry #11

As mentioned in my previous post I did a mashup of the game League of Legends.   I asked one of my friends if I could record him playing a game and then edit the footage down to an appropriate time frame. I was originally going to record the game on my computer but my friend Chris streams and already had the software available so he recorded a game and then sent me the 45 minutes of footage. The first problem I ran into was that there was no sound in the background after I downloaded it to my computer so I would have to pick music that would be appropriate for the whole video. I also experienced some difficulties with editing the footage down but eventually worked it out after messing with it for a few hours. After I edited the footage down I felt as if I needed something else to make the video more interesting so I decided to keep a tally on screen of every time Chris died or killed someone else in game. I also added funny sounds when either of those things occurred. Overall I think the video turned out pretty good for my first time doing something this big. If I was to do it again I think I would try and do voiceovers of the game so there would be more of a comedic factor.

Module 3 Part 1, Entry #10

For this module I decided to do a-r-m which is adaptations remixes, and mashups. I play a lot of League of Legends so I am familiar with popular gaming YouTubers that make mashups such as Keyori and Dunkey so I thought I would try and do something similar. I plan to record live footage of one of the champions throughout a game of League of Legends (which are usually 30-60 minutes). Then I will use iMovie on my MacBook to edit the footage down to about 5 minutes or less of funny or interesting scenes throughout the game. I have edited other videos before but they were usually things where I had a very clear purpose from the beginning and knew what I was going for but with this I plan  to analyze the footage after the fact and see wherever it takes me.

Mapping Your Device, Entry #9

For the Digital Archaeology project I was partnered with Nelia, Victoria, Matthew, and Bethanna. We first tried to take apart an older iPod touch first but that required tools we did not have so we decided to do a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead. From the beginning we didn’t really distribute tasks to each other and we just went with the flow.

During 3 classes we had the opportunity to take apart our item we did not get very far because we got stuck on taking the back part off of the phone. We looked up multiple videos on how to disassemble the phone but it wasn’t until a stroke of luck on Friday in class that we finally got it off but didn’t have much time to take the rest apart. We decided to meet up outside of class to finish taking the phone apart. After disassembly we divided up the items and everyone looked into finding information on each of their items.

Here I have included some pictures of our teardown process:












Your Device, Entry #8

I was not in class today due to feeling sick so I was not able to take part in the debate about ethics. Regardless I feel this is an issue that we need to fix. In this day and age everyone wants everything to be cheap. Sadly this leads to slave labor as mentioned in “Your Phone Was Made By Slaves.” It seems as if this should be an easy problem to fix but it is incredibly hard to regulate labor in other countries. I think businesses and governments should make more guidelines for things being imported into the country or used in their products so that places that use slave labor will soon die out when they are no longer profitable. Obviously this won’t fix all of the problems but it would hopefully lead to a decrease in slave labor.

Module 2 Part 2, Entry #7

After starting this module I made the effort to start evaluating the way my teammates interacted in League of Legends and also read posts and comments on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. In League trolling is also known as “griefing” where people will intentionally feed the enemy team and do bad just to  be annoying. The LoL community is also considered very toxic with players harassing teammates over mundane things. There is a fine line between harassment and trolling in League and it is hard to know which one is always going on in game. I also read through many YouTube and Facebook comments and Tweets. Here trolling can be light hearted and just slightly annoying to all out harassment. People will pretend to be a certain way and are ironically making fun of things while others will rush in hoards to bombard unsuspecting victims. After looking farther into the contents of trolls I think it is relatively harmless in comparison to intentionally harassing someone to bring great harm. Trolling can also be used for harm as I mentioned earlier since people take the joke too far and it is no longer a joke.

Module 2 Part 1, Entry #6

For our second module I decided to join the module on trolling. I play a lot of online games such as League of Legends where trolling is very common amongst players so I felt this was a topic I was already pretty informed on. When first thinking about what I would want to do for this module I was torn between discussing trolling in the world of League of Legends or the psychology of trolling. After meeting with my group members to discuss what we wanted to do for our individual part of the presentation people seemed more interested in discussing the history or impacts trolling makes so I decided I would talk about the many different platforms of trolling so our presentation would be diverse. By doing this it allows me to still discuss trolling in video games but also discuss other places where trolling has become common such as Twitter and online forums. For the module I plan to read up on trolling on different websites and a few video games then discussing differences I found between the platforms.

Explaining Neuromancer, Entry #5

For my groups project to explain Neuromancer we decided to use gifs. We tried to convey parts of the story but it was more focused on the feel/vibe of the story and not so much the plot line. We mostly used websites such as giphy.com to find gifs that fit the aesthetics of the novel. We didn’t put the gifs into a particular order since it was not following the plot and we also just posted them into our own channel on Slack as we found gifs which is here on our slack page. I think this allows others to pick up on some of the basics found in Neuromancer and a tiny bit of the plot through the gifs chosen.

Responding to Neuromancer, Entry #4

I found Neuromancer kind of a difficult book to read. I am an avid reader but with books that use a lot of new, strange lingo (such as A Clockwork Orange) I find them hard for me to follow. Much of my time with Neuromancer was spent skimming the pages then going to read articles or watch videos about the book. I do think the concept of Neuromancer is very though interesting and with it sparking the concept of cyberpunk gives it a spot in the literary world.

What I think is interesting concept from this book is Internet addiction (or in Neuromancer‘s case drug and hacking addiction) before the Internet was even a wide spread thing. After Case loses his ability to access the Matrix he is suicidal which could very easily be related to a modern day, over dramatic teenager whose parents took their cellphone away. I think it is interesting how William Gibson basically predicted 30 years in the future regarding how widespread and important the Internet/Matrix would be.

Module 1 Part 2, Entry #3

So my first step in making my gif was finding a generator that I had relatively good quality. I went and looked through some of the gifs my group members had already made and found the website makeagif.com. This looked like the best quality aside from using Photoshop. Once on the website I could pick what format I wanted to convert to a gif and I decided on YouTube. I then searched YouTube for funny moments from The Office and decided on this  this video. I specifically chose the moments 1:50-1:55 because I thought it was an eye-catching scene. I then gave a start time to the generator and how long I wanted the gif to be which was 5 seconds. After this I pressed create gif and my masterpiece was done. While I like my final product I know it could be better quality. I’m not a crazy about the “MakeAGIF.com” logo at the bottom and it isn’t as good of quality as the Photoshop gifs are. Due to this I might go and also try to make a gif on Photoshop but knowing my skill level it will probably be really bad.

Now what you have all been waiting for…MY MASTER PIECE~


Module 1 Part 1, Entry #2

For our first module in Digital Studies 101 I decided to join animated gifs. I joined this group because I see gifs all the time and always thought they were difficult to make so I wanted to figure out how to make one on my own. From talking to my group members it seems there are a few different ways to make gifs such as through a generator or Photoshop. I think I might try to do both but I haven’t used Photoshop in years and I’m not sure how well the end product would turn out. But I definitely plan on making one using the generator since that will be pretty straightforward I think (though I’m not sure how good the quality is). My group also decided we should all use the same source for our gifs so we decided on the television show The Office. I used to watch The Office in its first few seasons so I know there is a lot of good material especially with all of the things that Dwight gets into so I’m looking forward to finding a funny scene to use for my gif.

For now I leave you with this funny The Office image.

Hello World, Entry #1~

Now I have never made my own website before (the closest I have ever gotten was the customization on my MySpace page back in the day) so this is something out of my comfort zone. While I have spent a few hours working on my website it is nowhere near being done. For both my domain and subdomain I plan on using WordPress since it seems relatively simple to use (and free).

In these first few steps I have setup some basic tabs on my website. My first being the front page of my site. This part I am not exactly sure what I want to do with yet so I have just picked out a theme and color scheme then added a picture of myself with a cute puppy until I can revamp it and add a portfolio or some type of substance. I have also added the tabs “About Me”, “DGST101 Blog”, and “My Time at UMW”. I wanted to give my visitors more of an in depth look into my live. My about me page is not done and currently only has a few sentences such as my major. “My Time at UMW” I plan on using to add projects I have worked on here at UMW but also pictures of me and my friends to make it more interesting. “DGST101 Blog” is just a filler page as of now.

Sadly, I can’t seem to figure out for the life of me how to add a subdomain which I will use as my blog space so I am using this until I can figure it out. Aside from adding the subdomain I hope to add more pages onto my website so there is more content. Some other difficulties I have run into I’m sure are pretty basic problems such as not knowing how to change the font and font size on my pages.