Hey~ and Social Media Links

Hey everybody! I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington where I am double majoring in Geography & Communication and Digital Studies while working towards my GIS Certificate.

Here are some links to my social media pages.

I have never actually used Flickr prior to this class so here is a picture of me and my friends from Devil Goat Day 2015:
UMW Group Photo

Again, I’m not very familiar with Soundcloud but here is the profile I made anyway (featuring my funny face):

Many years ago I used Twitter (like middle school) but abandoned my old account long ago so I made a fresh new one for this class:

My Youtube account is my baby. Instead of watching TV I usually watch YouTube videos (or Netflix). I’m a really big fan of the beauty and gaming communities on YouTube. I also have uploaded multiple school projects here so here’s a link to a funny video I did with my friends in the Fall of 2015:

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