Blitzing it up



I think this image shows a good use of color. The name of this perfume is “Daisy Dream” and the bottle helps to move forward this concept. It uses the color white to represent the daisies and also works in gold to give the bottle a very luxurious look while also giving the bottle a sense of warmth.



Once again, I think this object represents the concept quite well. Dreamcatchers are suppose to keep someone from having bad dreams. Symmetry and proportionate sizing creates a sense of calm. The large netting is balanced with the feathers and smaller netting to keep one part of the dreamcatcher from overpowering the rest.

Form, Function, Message


Here I have a bottle of Febreeze. I felt this would be a good representation of function because the logo helps represent what Febreeze does. The logo has a smooth, curved line which can be related to a soft breeze. This logo shows a calm, simpleness and that is what Febreeze hopes to give you by covering up bad smells.



Finally, we have an owl container that I painted myself. This item unlike the rest I do not think is a good representation of balance. When I was painting I was not 100% sure of my vision and did not want to put in the time and effort to create a pattern on the wings. Because of this I think the owl looks asymmetrical due to color of feathers not being even. I think could be remedied by creating a pattern and then there would be purpose in the feathers whereas I just placed the colors randomly.

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