Comparing two sides of something you can’t see

I started off by watching part 1 of the storytelling series by Ira Glass. His video discussed suspense in radio storytelling. I found it ironic how he is telling a story about how interesting storytelling can be but it wasn’t interesting in and of itself. When I moved on to part 2 I found that part more interesting. I thought it was very true when he discussed how it takes more time to find a good story than to fine tune it and tell it. I always believe in the saying “quality over quantity.” Next I listened to Jad Abumrad and his video “How Radio Creates Empathy” which I didn’t feel like taught me very much. In this video it felt like it he was just talking about very abstract concepts that did’t tell me very much. One thing I did think was interesting in the video was the listener “painting a picture” but I feel like this same thing can be done with reading a book. While the part I felt resonated a little I don’t feel like many people use radio for those purposes anymore. Many radio stations nowadays play music and have funny segments and there isn’t much “meaning” where as he seems to think there is. I personally find radio to be a dying breed (even though he states otherwise). If people weren’t in the car so much it would have died by now and I think people are also transitioning to places such as Pandora and other sites that play just music that you pick and there’s no discussion at all. I think discussion on radio (apart from sports and news programs) has really always just been filler and doesn’t offer much purpose.

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