It’s a wrap!

So I think I am starting to get a better hang of things this week than I did last week. I hadn’t previously realized that I needed to link back to the assignments so I made an effort to link back to everything I used and things I thought related. I also tried to extend my story and background sections to give the reader more of an idea about what I was creating. The main struggle I had this week were just time managing when to do work since I also am working a full time job and taking another online class. Due to this I hope that my quality of work is on par with what it needs to be. Another struggle was worrying that I didn’t make something look professional enough. For example for my 3rd design assignment (We’ve Got You Covered) I kept comparing my work to professional magazine covers and worrying that it wasn’t good enough even thought I know they have a lot more to work with than I do. My favorite assignment this week was my 5th design assignment (“Dog it Out”) where I put devil horns and a tail on my grandparents chick. I think that image actually turned out pretty good and I sent it to my grandparents and they laughed. I hope to continue to better my skills with editing and creating which I think this week helped me to do.

Everything I did this week:

-Gif Assignment 1 (#1780, Best Sports Play)
-Gif Assignment 2 (#1789, Animals Doing Funny Things)
–Design Assignment 1 (#1668, Are we there yet?)
–Design Assignment 2 (#1767, Create a T-Shirt)
–Design Assignment 3 (#1732, We’ve Got You Covered)
–Design Assignment 4 (#1724, What are you missing nearby?)
-Design Assignment 5 (#1721, Dog it Out)
–Daily Create 1 (#1598)
–Daily Create 2 (#1601)
–Daily Create 3 (#1602)
-Daily Create 4 (#1603)
–Design Blitz
-Vignelli Reflection

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