Confessions of a College Student

For my reflection I listened to The American Life episode 504: Hot I Got Into College. I decided to listen to this one since I found it to be the most relatable to my situation since I am a college student and also have friends who are graduating high school who are now going off to college. Right off the bat I wasn’t super impressed with the narrator. I found his voice to not be very fitting for radio at least for myself. His voice has an annoying tone to it which made it harder to want to listen to. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the multiple people talking at the beginning about their experience. I felt this aspect would work better in a video format where you can see the separate people. A part of the story I did like was one of the guest speakers who came in for Act 1 because he had something interesting to say but right as I was starting to get into that part music started to playing and it transitioned to Act 2. I honestly wasn’t very interested with the rest of the story. I had thought more of the story would actually be about getting into college and not the story about Emir Kamenica. I felt Act 1 wasn’t very related to Acts 2 and 3 and they could have easily been two different podcasts though they did seem to switch between the 2 hosts.
Overall I think some people are more predisposed to radio than others. I just couldn’t connect with the first host and felt the show harder to listen to because of the host’s voice and tone. Had the voice been different I still wouldn’t have been crazy about this podcast as a whole. The second host sounded a lot better but the topic being discussed just didn’t interest me very much and made me want to turn it off.

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