Third Time’s the Charm

To start off this summary I didn’t receive many comments. The only comment I have received thus far was a comment on my first gif tutorial and it didn’t have much criticism to add just “oh I liked this” which was nice. This may be some of my own fault since I tend to wait to do my work until the weekend since I work a full time job during the week so I’m too tired then. Somethings I learned from others blogs was different creative ideas. Sometimes when I’m confused on how to do something or I need some inspiration I look at other people’s blogs and see how they did an assignment or how their blog is set up. For this weeks assignments I think I did a pretty good job. I felt the daily creates were a little harder this week so I wasn’t as confident about my creativity on those since they were concepts I didn’t full understand. My favorite assignments of the week were daily create #1610 and audio assignment #70. For these I made a funny comic on Canada and an important story line about not texting and driving. I wasn’t very fond of the videos on storytelling and found it interesting how these are suppose to be experts but they themselves bored me. I don’t know, maybe radio isn’t for me. Overall this week I learned how to better manipulate sound which is a good tool to have in college since many times I have had to create video projects. Prior to this week I had never even used the voice memos app on my iPhone or uploaded something to SoundCloud so those were some new experiences. I also realized how much I enjoy having music apps such as Pandora or just my iTunes library since I’m not a huge fan of the long stories on the radio or podcasts. Books and movies are more my style for entertainment.

-Daily Create #1 (#tdc1607)
-Daily Create #2 (tdc1608)
-Daily Create #3 (tdc1609)
-Daily Create #4 (#tdc1610)
-Audio Assignment #1 (:Create a DS106 Radio Bumper”, #36)
-Audio Assignment #2 (“Sound Effects Story”, #70)
-Audio Storytelling Reflection on Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad
-Radio Story Reflection

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