100 things to do with a piece of paper

Prior to this class I had never heard of the Vignelli Canon before. As I was reading through it I was surprised by some of the basic concepts discussed such as a piece of paper. I found it interesting how there was an entire page dedicated to different sizes of paper and how the United States must be different as always. There was also much discussed about using grids and how they are used when designing books, magazines, posters, etc. Overall, I think many of these concepts have transferred over into modern day design. While our main medium has changed from paper to screens, grids and layout design remain hugely important. Though the book starts to glaze over the computer age it does not fully grasp the changes that have been made. Regardless, things such as font, color, scaling, and general layout are still greatly important. They are used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TV and I don’t see these basic concepts going away anytime soon.

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