What I learned in boating school is…

For DS106 I had to do some things I hadn’t done before. Prior to this class I already had a YouTube and other social media but I went and had to create things like a Flickr and SoundCloud so that my creations have a platform. Creating these accounts were pretty easy overall and were the quickest parts of my work this week. I also had to edit my domain. I had already created the basic outline of my website for Digital Studies 101 last semester but it needed a little tweaking. I had already made an ‘About Me’, ‘Portfolio’, and ‘Contact Me’ section of my website. For DS106 I made the decision to put my whole blog into one tab since I still use this website for other uses. I went and created all of the tags and categories so my work will be seen. The main challenges I had this week were simple problems I was just having difficulties answering. The first one was logging into my website. I had removed the login button due to atheistic reasons but could not remember where I login to edit my work. I eventually found it and have since added the login button back to my website since that makes my life easier. I also have still not been able to link my blog to the DS106 page so others can see my blog but I am working on trying to contact someone to fix it.
Overall I think this has been a productive first week overall and I have done a lot of work to better my digital skills. I believe I completed all of the assignments to the best of my abilities. I had the most fun time doing the scavenger hunt and it forced me to think outside the box. I’m not a artsy person so creating things that I can be proud of is something new to me that I’m still working.

Here are some links to things I did this week:

Mutlimodel Introduction
Photo Safari and Reflection
Visual Assignment 1 (#190)
Visual Assignment 2 (#1674)
Visual Assignment 3 (#1660)
Visual Assignment 4 (#1549)
Daily Create 1 (#1592)
Daily Create 2 (#1593)
Daily Create 3 (#1596)
Visual Storytelling Photo Reflection

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