For everyone that talks during a movie..


For my second video assignment I decided on ‘Spoil a Movie in 30 Seconds or Less’ which is worth 4 stars. I got the inspiration for this assignment after completing the “Reading Movies” reflection first and viewing the Star Wars errors video. I decided to do Star Wars: A New Hope since it was the first one and probably wouldn’t require as much background information since it introduced the characters as it went. My boyfriend and his family are huge Star Wars fans so I have been sucked into also liking the franchise and have seen all the movies. I also had to wait in the rain in a line that was a few hundred people long to see the movie at the 7 pm showing the night it came out and since then have had to see it multiple other times in theater. Since I’m very familiar with the franchise I thought it would make sense and I could capture the iconic moment the Death Star blows up. The only problem is it’s a 2 hour movie and I only had 30 seconds so it took longer than expected..


To start off the process I had to pick the movie and editor. As previously stated I decided on Star Wars: A New Hope and edited the movie with iMovie which I had available on my MacBook Air. I opened iMovie and clicked “Create New” then click “movie”.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.47.36 PM

Next step is click “file” -> “import media”. After this it gives you the option the to pick where the media you’ll be editing is coming from. For mine I just clicked on the usb I was using on the left side of the page then clicked the video I wanted
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.56.07 PM

After this, drag the video from the top to bottom bar and it allows you to edit your video.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.59.29 PM

For the remainder of my editing process I will just be clicking the image then pressing “split clip” and then clicking the image again and pressing delete until I am down to 30 seconds.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.04.21 PM

To export select “file” -> “share” -> and wherever you want it to go. I uploaded mine straight to YouTube.

My Creation

Here is my finished product. I found the main challenges of this assignment to be condensing a 2 hour movie into 30 seconds while still including the main characters and all of the important parts. I feel some parts aren’t shown very well such as the droids but overall I think it turned out pretty good. I especially like the part where Luke shoots and then the Death Star blows up, I thought that part transition very well.

Let’s slow it down..then fall


For this video assignment I decided on Instant Replay! which is worth 4 stars. When I started doing this I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted my main video to be but I knew I didn’t want it to have a lot of words since they would get distorted in the instant replay. I’m a big fan of puppies doing funny things so I searched on YouTube “puppies falling down stairs” since they usually look cute and bounce back pretty quick. I decided on this video since it was of a husky puppy falling and I think huskies are very friendly and look interesting. I also liked how the girl says “Noooo!” as the puppy falls since I thought that would add a funny part to the slow part of the video.


For this video I’m following the same first few steps as my other tutorial when starting a new project and uploading your video. Just open iMovie then click “Create New” -> “movie” -> “import” -> choose the media you want to edit -> “upload” then drag the video down to the bottom bar.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.21.11 PM

For this video I decided to upload the same content twice and the cut the video to the specific part I wanted to be replayed in slow motion.

To cut the clips I right click the video press “split clip” then right click the video again and press “delete” I keep doing this until I’m happy with the product. I also decided to move the instant reply right behind the first one after creating a split in the first video and then after the replay the rest of the video will play in regular speed. You can move each segment by clicking and dragging it to the desired location.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.24.03 PM

To change the speed of the clip I selected the clip then clicked the speedometer icon at the top right and from the drop down menu select “slow” and then selected 25% speed.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.26.45 PM

To export the video just select “file” -> “share” and wherever you want to share it to.

My Creation

Here is my final video. I think it turned out pretty well overall and shows a cute, funny video of a husky puppy that I think would be fun for everybody.

I spy..


For my scene I decided to watch a scene from Batman which features the Joker.

First Time Watching (No Sound)

The scene starts off with the Joker walking in to what appears to be some type of underground cellar and talking to a group of men. The lighting is very dark and the men are dressed in nice clothing. The camera has many shots and uses a shot reverse shot multiple times. I noticed in my first viewing that the Joker got the most screen time out of the entire scene (probably because he is one of the main characters and the others aren’t) and even when the shot changed to show a different character it would still show him somewhat. Around the 2:30 mark I think the scene features a lot of noise and yelling as the Joker pulls back his coat to reveal grenades but it was dulled due to the lack of sound in my viewing. At the end the Joker stealthily walks backward so the scene starts and ends with the Joker coming and going.

Second Time (No Video)

The beginning of this viewing was a little confusing because it is odd noises at the beginning. It is also harder to keep track of all the different characters by just their voices when the video better shows who they’re talking to.
Now turn the volume up, but play it without looking at the screen (or turn off the screen); just listen to the audio. The Joker talks in a very strange sound and talks at a faster than normal pace. I think this scene also has a good use of background noise such as the nickel reference and then coins jingling. Also the chairs being pushed back so that someone is upset and the situation is getting tense. This scene starts with the Joker laughing but just ends with the door being slammed.

Third Time (Regular)

I think somethings that are missed when not watching with both noise and video is subtle things such as the smirks and facial expressions the mobsters have in response to what the Joker is saying so you can understand more. Also his response to the ‘television’s plan’ is missed during both the video and audio viewings. Watching normally also shows the true craziness, but genius of the Joker. It also shows how the Joker knows how to keep control of his emotions and play his audience. I also think the music had little effect in the audio viewing but works well here to build suspense since we better understand what is going on.


Some ways I can analyze this using Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” such as his description the “golden rule” and “the rule of thirds” when he shows the characters. The Joker is mostly shown with him in the middle of the shot such as in an “objectified, like a mug shot” manner and this works since he is the main protagonist of the film so he would be the criminal to be arrested. The mobsters in the scene vary between the left and right side. The main gangster who gets upset after the Joker makes his nickel joke goes from being on the right side of the screen at the beginning which shows that he is a more positive character to the left side of the screen after the joke which shows he has become more of a negative character as he becomes more aggressive. The man on the tv screen is also shown dead center which leads me to believe he is the ring leader of the mobsters and is also a main antagonist. I think this scene does a good job of showing subtle things that really add into the movie and build up later. Also the Joker does a good job of balancing crazy with sane/brilliant due to his appearance and voiced mixed with what he is actually saying to the mobsters. The Joker knows how to manipulate them to help him later and that seems to be the main purpose of this scene.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually seen this movie so comment if my predictions were totally wrong.

Am I reading a book or watching a movie?

Prior to this class I also took a cinema studies class at the University of Mary Washington where I was shown many different methods of analyzing film. Reading Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” also discusses some of the same methods we touched upon in class. On top of this reading I also watched Kubrick’s One-Point Perspective , “The Shining” Zooms, and Star Wars Continuity Mistakes .

From the Ebert reading it discussed the “rule of thirds” and “the golden rule” which explained how the positioning of characters on the screen affects how they are perceived. Characters on the left are negative while those on the right are positive and those dead center are seen as “objectified”. I think this is somewhat true of a technique and I feel it may originate from people reading from left to right and since most people are right handed they prefer those on the right.

I’m a big fan of Kubrick movies such as ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and ‘The Shining’ so When watching the Kubrick video I was shocked I had never noticed the perspective so many scenes were shot in. I think this type of shot allows the best view of what is happening in the scene and also draws attention to whatever is in the middle and that is usually what is most important. I also thought it did a good job of showing people walking from behind as if you yourself are following them. The straight on view seems to be the simplest angle but at the same time I feel like it is not used very often but it works well in these films.

The next obvious choice was the video on ‘The Shining’ zooms. The opening zooms I believe are very well known and they create a sense of dread before you even know what is going to happen. I think using a very slow zoom like Kubrick seems to do creates a sense of paranoia and suspense which works well in a scary movie such as ‘The Shining’. I think zooms can also work for other types of atmospheres as well other than horror but they work very well for this movie.

Finally, I watched the Star Wars videos which showed just some of many errors in the franchise. I don’t think errors such as items that were there and then are not there are specific to just Star Wars but it seems to be especially sloppy in this movie where there is suppose to be meaning that the viewer picks up on. I think having a lot of errors such as these it makes it look sloppy and I wonder how someone such as George Lucas who cares so much about his work could let this many issues slip through the cracks. Regardless, I still think it is a good movie and not many will notice the problems without them being pointed out.

Third Time’s the Charm

To start off this summary I didn’t receive many comments. The only comment I have received thus far was a comment on my first gif tutorial and it didn’t have much criticism to add just “oh I liked this” which was nice. This may be some of my own fault since I tend to wait to do my work until the weekend since I work a full time job during the week so I’m too tired then. Somethings I learned from others blogs was different creative ideas. Sometimes when I’m confused on how to do something or I need some inspiration I look at other people’s blogs and see how they did an assignment or how their blog is set up. For this weeks assignments I think I did a pretty good job. I felt the daily creates were a little harder this week so I wasn’t as confident about my creativity on those since they were concepts I didn’t full understand. My favorite assignments of the week were daily create #1610 and audio assignment #70. For these I made a funny comic on Canada and an important story line about not texting and driving. I wasn’t very fond of the videos on storytelling and found it interesting how these are suppose to be experts but they themselves bored me. I don’t know, maybe radio isn’t for me. Overall this week I learned how to better manipulate sound which is a good tool to have in college since many times I have had to create video projects. Prior to this week I had never even used the voice memos app on my iPhone or uploaded something to SoundCloud so those were some new experiences. I also realized how much I enjoy having music apps such as Pandora or just my iTunes library since I’m not a huge fan of the long stories on the radio or podcasts. Books and movies are more my style for entertainment.

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-Daily Create #4 (#tdc1610)
-Audio Assignment #1 (:Create a DS106 Radio Bumper”, #36)
-Audio Assignment #2 (“Sound Effects Story”, #70)
-Audio Storytelling Reflection on Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad
-Radio Story Reflection

Confessions of a College Student

For my reflection I listened to The American Life episode 504: Hot I Got Into College. I decided to listen to this one since I found it to be the most relatable to my situation since I am a college student and also have friends who are graduating high school who are now going off to college. Right off the bat I wasn’t super impressed with the narrator. I found his voice to not be very fitting for radio at least for myself. His voice has an annoying tone to it which made it harder to want to listen to. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the multiple people talking at the beginning about their experience. I felt this aspect would work better in a video format where you can see the separate people. A part of the story I did like was one of the guest speakers who came in for Act 1 because he had something interesting to say but right as I was starting to get into that part music started to playing and it transitioned to Act 2. I honestly wasn’t very interested with the rest of the story. I had thought more of the story would actually be about getting into college and not the story about Emir Kamenica. I felt Act 1 wasn’t very related to Acts 2 and 3 and they could have easily been two different podcasts though they did seem to switch between the 2 hosts.
Overall I think some people are more predisposed to radio than others. I just couldn’t connect with the first host and felt the show harder to listen to because of the host’s voice and tone. Had the voice been different I still wouldn’t have been crazy about this podcast as a whole. The second host sounded a lot better but the topic being discussed just didn’t interest me very much and made me want to turn it off.

Comparing two sides of something you can’t see

I started off by watching part 1 of the storytelling series by Ira Glass. His video discussed suspense in radio storytelling. I found it ironic how he is telling a story about how interesting storytelling can be but it wasn’t interesting in and of itself. When I moved on to part 2 I found that part more interesting. I thought it was very true when he discussed how it takes more time to find a good story than to fine tune it and tell it. I always believe in the saying “quality over quantity.” Next I listened to Jad Abumrad and his video “How Radio Creates Empathy” which I didn’t feel like taught me very much. In this video it felt like it he was just talking about very abstract concepts that did’t tell me very much. One thing I did think was interesting in the video was the listener “painting a picture” but I feel like this same thing can be done with reading a book. While the part I felt resonated a little I don’t feel like many people use radio for those purposes anymore. Many radio stations nowadays play music and have funny segments and there isn’t much “meaning” where as he seems to think there is. I personally find radio to be a dying breed (even though he states otherwise). If people weren’t in the car so much it would have died by now and I think people are also transitioning to places such as Pandora and other sites that play just music that you pick and there’s no discussion at all. I think discussion on radio (apart from sports and news programs) has really always just been filler and doesn’t offer much purpose.

Pay attention to the road…


For my next audio assignment I decided on “Sound Effects Story” which is worth 3 and 1/2 stars. To start off this assignment I needed to figure out what I wanted my audio to portray and what I thought I could create well. While thinking of options I remembered how I had just bought my first car this week on Memorial Day (a 2016 Toyota Corolla S Special Edition). This made me think of how important car safety is. While distracted driving has been around since the creation of the motor vehicle it has become even more pronounced since the creation of the cell phone. I can’t begin to explain how many times I have seen a family member or friend text while driving. Every time I make it known that it isn’t appropriate to be on your phone while driving but it never sticks. So for my audio assignment I decided to tell a story of someone driving and playing on their phone then crashing to show how bad phone use is while in the driver’s seat.


To start off I decided to use iMovie on my MacBook Air as my audio tool. I have used iMovie multiple times in the past to create videos for school and I am familiar with the program. I also like how there are hundreds of audio options so I have a great selection to choose from. I open iMovie and then click “Create New” then “Movie”.
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.42.03 PM

My next step is to click on audio which is the second option at the top of the screen.
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.43.35 PM

After this I just scrolled through the sound clips until I found what I wanted. There is also the option to use the search box and find audio that way if you know what you are looking for. To add the audio to the actual video just click on the one you want and drag it down to the strip at the bottom of the screen. To adjust the length of the clips you can click each sound clip then right click and select “split clip” then right click the piece you don’t want and press “delete”. You can also adjust where you want each clip by clicking and dragging them.
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.03.39 PM

To export the video I just selected “file” -> “share” -> then select the format you want to use. For this assignment I selected “file” then only exported the audio and made it a mp3 file. I then selected where I wanted to save it and I was done.
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.06.22 PM


So here is my completed audio storytelling. I think it portrays what I wanted it to pretty well. The only problem I have is I wish it would have been a little longer but some of the sounds I wanted weren’t on iMovie and I didn’t want to add filler sounds just to make it longer.

Want to buy some Sour Patch Kids? Tune in next time!


For my first audio assignment I decided to tackle “Create a ds106 radio bumper” which is worth 4 stars. This assignment is probably my hardest one to accomplish this week. I don’t really listen to the radio (thank based god for bluetooth and my iTunes library) so I’m not very familiar with radio clips currently. Also as I did some test recordings for this assignment I found that my voice sounds very annoying, but at least everyone thinks that…right? Regardless, I needed to power through. I was having difficulties trying to find a place to record the audio without background noise since everybody was awake doing stuff so I ended up having to do the recording in the bathroom. For the actual phrase I decided “Welcome to DS106 radio, sponsored by Sour Patch Kids. This is Morgan Moncrief as your host, keep on listening.” I chose this after reading multiple articles about what radio bumpers are and since they’re only suppose to be small snippets I thought just saying the name of the radio station, who sponsors us, and my name would be good enough. Sour Patch Kids doesn’t really have much meaning, I was just eating some at the time.


To start off my radio bumper I decided to use the Voice Memos app on my iPhone. This app allows you to record yourself and upload the recordings. I used this one since it was the most readily available.

To begin the actual recording I just pressed the red circle. To stop recording just press the red button again then click “done”. It allows you to save the recording and name it. After the recording is saved click the box with an arrow coming out of it and this allows you to export the file to wherever you want. Personally, I exported it to my email so then I could download it to my computer and upload to SoundCloud from there.


Overall, I’m happy with what I did. I didn’t want to sound too upbeat in the recording but it may have turned out a little dull sounding. Maybe next time I would also add what kind of radio station it is but I didn’t think of that until after the fact.