All That

Next up is one of the most iconic shows of 1990s Nickelodeon: All That. During my childhood I watched this show but it was not my favorite though it did help Amanda Bynes to get her own spin off show, The Amanda Show. All That ran from 1994 to 2005 and was similar to Saturday Night Live in format since it featured short comedy skits and musical acts.
For this analysis I will be looking at this episode which is available on Youtube. The cast of All That featured in the episode is very difference with both males and females and a variety of ethnicities. While watching this episode was interesting just to see what 90s television was like I didn’t see much of a cultural impact that the show could have on teens of the 90s, especially teenage girls, other than showing they can just as easily be funny as their male counterparts. I also looked for scholarly articles on All That and it was very difficult to find anything related to what I was doing. I guess this show will have to be the dud in my research since it has given me little to work with.

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