Charmed to meet you

We’re finally on the last blog post of analyzing 90s television and I’m charmed to say that my last blog is on one of my families favorite shows ever: Charmed. Here we have another television show that only caught the tail end of the 90s with it running from 1998 to 2006. This is another show that is a little different from the line of children and teen shows I have previously featured but adult oriented shows also have great influence on teens and that holds true for the 90s. For those who aren’t familiar with this show it is similar to Sabrina, the Teenage Witch in that it revolves around a family of female witches living in the human world. I’ve found during my analysis that shows geared toward audiences that are late teens and up such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Sex and the City include much more serious issues in them that aim to help their viewer while shows such as Sister, Sister deal with gentler issues such as internet safety. I find that holds true for Charmed as well in which it deals with death of family members, anxiety and isolation, and raising children.
The scholarly article I looked for this blog was Why Teen Television Appeals to Women by Rebecca Feasey. In this article she analyzes the demographics most popular with Charmed (16-34 year old women) and how it is most popular among a mature audience. She also notes common trends in the show such as that sisterly bonding is the main focus when in many other shows it focuses on the alone female or the female with her male love interest but here female family is the strongest bond of all. The author also discusses similarities to Sex and the City. She also notes that the sisters are very different from each other and that if they can overcome their differences to have a such a strong bond than the show can use this to help situate it in contemporary feminism. Discussion on second wave vs contemporary feminism and the impact that has on television in regards to dress choices of cast is also mentioned and the article regards female fashion choice in Charmed as an application of contemporary feminism.
Charmed was a difficult show to find full episodes or long clips of on YouTube so this clip will be my point of reference when looking at the show. Here it features the sisters bickering about using their powers while Phoebe talks about “the age old question of who approaches who” when discussing a handsome man sitting across from her at the bar who then comes up to talk to her. Here we see the girls talking about gender norms when interacting with a romantic partner.
While doing these blogs I found many applications of feminism to television ranging back to second wave feminism to third wave/contemporary/postfeminism and that many different terms seemed to be applied to the time period in which I am studying.

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