Are you my Sister, Sister?

We’ve reach one of my personal favorite 90s television shows: Sister, Sister. The show ran from 1994 to 1999 and starred Tia and Tamera Lowry as twins separated at birth due to being adopted by two different people. The show explores the dynamic between sisters during the 90s plus the twins and the parents trying to come together as one family. The girls go through high school and both have boyfriends. For this blog post I will be analyzing the sisterly dynamic presented in the show in an effort to understand femininity and sibling relationships during that time while also looking at the girls and their relationships with their boyfriends.For this blog post I will be analyzing the sisterly dynamic presented in the show in an effort to understand femininity and while also looking into the family dynamic. While both Tia and Tamera both have romantic relationships in this show I will not be focusing on that part as much.
So far this is the only show in this blog series that I have seen full length episodes uploaded to YouTube so those can be found here for those interested. While all 4 seasons seem to be available for the sake of this blog post being a reasonable length I will only be looking at season 4 episode 17: Model Tia. In this episode Tia and Tamera befriend a photographer online who wants to photograph Tia. Their parents tell the girls that it isn’t safe for them to go because they don’t know this person. Tamera sets up an appointment for Tia to meet the photographer and Tamera tagalong but Tia cancels the appointment. After this Tamera tells Tia that Tia is going to Harvard but Tamera has nothing so this modeling gig could be her only shot. Tia then goes to meet the photographer on her own though the photographer starts to act very suspicious and tries to get Tamera to do things she is uncomfortable with. Tia comes to her rescue but the photographer won’t let them leave. Their parents eventually find the girls and save them before warning them about the dangers of the Internet.
I think this episode hits on a lot of points relevant to my specific research but is also relevant to the Console Living Room as a whole. The driving point of the episode is Tamera feeling hopeless about her future since she did not get into a fancy college like her sister did. Because of this she thinks she isn’t smart or talented so her only hope for a future is to model since she is pretty. While sibling rivalry and comparison have been a common trope it is interesting to see it played out in 90s television.
For this series I found further research done on 90s television, TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Family: Family Messages in ABC’s 1990s Friday Night Lineup by Kourtney Hanna Smith. In this reading the author discusses the changes from the traditional family to a post modern family such as the one seen in Sister, Sister. I think this is an important attribute because it helps to remove the stigma from both adoptive and single parents by showing that they can just as well raise a family. This is seen in my episode that I looked at because it shows the parents doing normal things parents do such as enjoying each others company while also protecting their children from harm.

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